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A subordinating conjunction introduces a subordinate clause. A subordinate clause is not as important as the main clause (independent clause). Subordinating conjunctions show relationships between phrases in a sentence.

The conjunctions before and after tell when.

She took a shower before she went swimming.

She went rock climbing after she went swimming.

The conjunctions because and since tell why.

I did not go swimming because it was raining.

Since Aaliyah missed the bus, Mum drove her to school.

The conjunctions if and unless tell under what condition.

I will go swimming if it is not raining.

Unless it is a snow day, Tuesday will be a regular school day.

Here are a few of the most commonly used subordinating conjunctions.

after just as

although once

as rather than

as if since

as long as so that

as much as than

as soon as that

as though though

because till

before unless

even until

even if when

even though whenever

if where

if only whereas

if when wherever

if then whether

in order that while


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