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I teach my students to structure their essay in a way to meet the IELTS marking criteria. You already know that you have to write a minimum of 250 words, but did you know that you should also try to remain under 280 words. This stops you from wasting time and making unnecessary mistakes. Write four paragraphs and follow the word limits I suggest for each paragraph to make sure you are on target every time. It's too late when you reach the conclusion and realize you have written too little or too much. The examiner can easily see that you panicked and wrote the longest conclusion in the world. Keep your sentences clear and crisp, you don't need four commas in one sentence to make a complex sentences. Learn to visualize your essay and use that picture in your mind to see if you have presented, extended and supported your main ideas equally. Next time I will teach you how to manage your time when writing your essay.


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