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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

A dependent preposition is a preposition that always follows the same expression.

For example: 'depends on' or 'interested in'.

Dependent prepositions are important in IELTS because they are difficult to learn as there are no clear rules on how to use them. Therefore, if you can use them well, it means you have a good command of English.


accuse somebody of guilty of

accustomed to independent of

afraid of indifferent to

aim at insist on

angry with/at interested in

arrive at/in jealous of

ashamed of look at

believe in married to

careful of/with/about pleased with

complain about prefer to

composed of related to

congratulate on satisfied with

consist of similar to

depend on succeed in

deprive of superior to

die of sure of

different from surprised at/by

dressed in suspicious of

full of tired of

good at translate into

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