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Over the past couple of days, many of you messaged me and asked some very specific questions. The most common question was "how can I improve my vocabulary?".

My answer is, you simply must read widely and regularly in English. Find some articles online from a news site or magazine and read something in English every single day.

Here are some of my favorite places to read articles similar to the passages we find in IELTS exams. BBC News, Time magazine, The Economist, National Geographic, New Scientist.

Read your article passively from start to finish and underline any words you didn't understand. Don't search anything yet, just keep reading to the end.

When you finish, make a list of those words and look them up in a dictionary. You can add information about each word including: meaning, type of word (is it a noun or an adjective) and any synonyms related to this word.

Make sure to review your list of new vocabulary and try to use them in sentences while speaking or writing.


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