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Enhance your writing skills for the IELTS exam with our focused two-week course in Sydney. Led by expert instructor Maher Itani, each week includes three days of face-to-face classes, with two-hour sessions dedicated solely to enhancing your writing proficiency. Join a small group of up to eight students for personalized attention and feedback. With a total of six hours of tailored instruction over two weeks, you'll be well-prepared to excel in the writing component of the exam. Join us and elevate your writing abilities for IELTS success!

IELTS Writing 2 weeks

SKU: IELTS Writing 2 weeks
  • Face-to-Face Class
    Small Group
    Expert Coach
    6 Classes for Writing
    Individual Feedback
    Free Mock Tests
    Smart Time Management
    Writing Structure
    Evaluation Reference
    Real Exam Conditions

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