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Maher Itani IELTS and PTE trainer Sydney

Maher Itani, qualified English teacher and native speaker.


Why choose Master English Australia?

  • Our comprehensive IELTS and PTE preparation courses are thoughtfully designed to save you valuable time and resources. Master English will help you reach your PTE and IELTS test goals quickly and efficiently. 

  • Our English study programs mix language study with cultural exploration, creating an unforgettable experience that extends beyond the classroom. 

  • We have an experienced team of educators and advisors, who are passionate about your success. We can introduce a wide range of courses through our partners all over Australia, offering world-class education. 

  • We can also help you with college and university education and career advancement. Ask us how. 


"Thank you Maher for helping me improve my English and teaching me the best way to pass the FCE test. You were able to show me what my problems were with English. Maher you are the best."
Camila from Brazil


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